Feature trees

State Flora staff like to say that you plant a native tree for 365 days of beauty. There is something to admire in every season: the unique colour and shape of foliage; the many colours and forms of bark; the contrast, shape and flowers. A native tree will look fabulous all year round.

Native Eucalypts have adapted and evolved in our environmental conditions and have a natural resistance to native pests and diseases. Eucalypts also provide shelter and food for animals and insects. They give us shade, colourful flowers and the scent of Eucalyptus oil.

State Flora grows many varieties of South Australian Eucalypt making ours one of the biggest selections in the state. Our staff will help you to choose the right tree for your space and for your conditions. They can also offer plenty of advice on how to care for your Eucalypts.

With home gardens becoming smaller, there is a trend towards compact, ornamental and less intrusive trees, that still provide shade, attract pollinating birds and are drought resistant.

The Eucalyptus leptophylla is one of our favourites. Eucalyptus leptophylla is commonly known as the narrow-leaved red mallee. It is a small, multi trunked tree growing to 3-6 metres and features bright red fruits in spring and summer that open to beautiful cream flowers. It is a small tree that deserves to be more widely planted as an ornamental tree, and can also make a good screen or windbreak.