Aquatic creek and river plants

Australian native aquatic and riparian plants oxygenate the water. They provide food and important habitat for our native wildlife to thrive. They are hardy and well adapted to our harsh climate.

State Flora is a major supplier of the native plants key to the regeneration work at Lake Alexandrina, Lake Albert and the mighty Coorong. Our experience with aquatic plants is extensive. We can assist with every project, from the largest of wetland developments to supplying reeds for your dam or backyard pond.

Many gardens back onto Adelaide’s creek system or have areas of very wet soil in the winter. We can advise you which type of native plant will thrive in that particular environment.

We have a huge range of aquatic plants readily available – and if we don’t have it we’ll grow it for you.

State Flora plant lists

These lists will help you choose the plants to suit your needs. Talk to our staff to make sure that any plant you’re interested in is suited to your local environment.