Australian native grasses are becoming popular as ornamental plants. Tall grasses can be bold and striking while the shorter grasses provide ground cover and colour. Native grass seedheads come in many colours – from white through to purple. They add great colour and texture to gardens and landscaping projects.

A couple of favourites to consider are Austrostipa eremophila (desert spear grass) and Austrostipa elegantissima (elegant spear grass) are perennial grasses. They adapt to most soil types and to low rainfall. They grow vigorously after the autumn rains and during the cooler months, then flower in spring. Plant the grasses in clumps or drifts for a stunning visual display.

Australian native grasses are also an important part of the landscape. They shelter and feed native fauna and act as soil stabilisers. Native grasses are hardy and are adapted to our extreme climactic conditions including occasional drought.

State Flora has a huge range of grasses readily available – and if we don’t have it we’ll grow it for you.