Attracting wildlife

You can help encourage the return of native wildlife to your local area by offering shelter and food throughout the year. In a good native garden you could expect to see a variety of birds, insects, bats, small animals, reptiles and maybe even frogs.

Choose plants that are adapted to your local conditions, soil and rainfall. Plants indigenous to your local area are ideal. They have evolved with wildlife over thousands of years, helping each other to survive.

When creating your garden try to create different vegetation layers for shade and shelter and make sure there is something flowering all year round. Dense or prickly shrubs provide protection for small birds and nectar-producing plants will attract insects and butterflies.

Wild populations of koalas have one or two Eucalypt species as their main food source and eat up to half a kilo of leaves per day. By planting these trees you may be doing any koalas in your area a big favour.

State Flora staff are well-trained flora enthusiasts. They will be happy to help you choose the right plants to attract wildlife you will enjoy.

State Flora plant lists

These lists will help you choose the plants to suit your needs. Talk to our staff to make sure that any plant you’re interested in is suited to your local environment.