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A couple of my favourite South Australian trees
South Australia is blessed with some beautiful Eucalypts. One of my favourites is Eucalyptus leptophylla commonly known as the narrow-leaved red mallee.

A Grevillea for every garden
Grevilleas have been a favourite with South Australian gardeners for many years.

Australia’s much loved red gums
Eucalyptus camaldulensis, commonly called red gum because of its red heartwood, must be one of the best known and admired trees in the Australian landscape.

Myoporum platycarpum
Being a plant enthusiast I have many favourite plants with Myoporum platycarpum being a very distinguishable large shrub or small tree inhabiting most of the dry areas of South Australia.

Native plants in Dhilba Guuranda-Innes National Park
I had the pleasure of visiting Dhilba Guuranda-Innes National Park a few years ago in September when the flora is at its flowering best.

Planting Australian natives in spring
Spring is just a great time to be planting Australian native plants.

South Australia’s coastal plants for the garden
Coastal gardening can be a challenge due to the exposure to strong often, salt laden winds, poor soils many being

South Australia’s coastal native flax lily
South Australia’s native flax lily is botanically named Dianella brevicaulis and is the coastal form of Dianella revoluta but it does inhabit inland areas as well.

South Australia’s velvet bushes
South Australia has a handful of velvet bushes, commonly named as such because of their delicate, subtle often slightly hairy foliage and flowers.

South Australia’s vanilla lily
Arthropodium strictum is the botanical name of SA’s vanilla lily and as the common name suggests it belongs to the lily family.

South Australia’s Christmas bush
One of my favourite plants is South Australia’s Christmas Bush, Bursaria spinosa.

South Australian blue gum
One of my favourite trees is Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp leucoxylon, commonly called the South Australian blue gum.

Southern cypress pine
Callitris gracilis has a host of common names, it is a native pine that occurs naturally in most states of Australia.

Spear grasses
Australian native grasses are an extremely important component of our landscapes due to their contribution to biodiversity.

South Australia’s wattles herald the arrival of spring
In late winter through to Spring our beautiful wattles put on a show to behold with their brilliant yellow blossoms sparkling in the winter sunshine.

Summer flowering emu bushes
One of my favourite genus of plants is Australia’s Eremophilas commonly known as emu bushes.

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