Why choose native plants?

Our gardens face long, hot, dry summers. They suffer water restrictions and an unpredictable climate. But you can have a garden that looks great, copes with our challenging climate and saves you money.

Choosing to grow native plants in your garden will benefit you, the local wildlife, and the environment. There are so many worthwhile reasons to choose our own special plants:

They will save you time and money:

  • Established native plants are drought tolerant, they need less water than exotic species.
  • Native plants are not expensive to buy and they are easy to grow.
  • An established native garden is low maintenance.
They help the environment:
  • Native plants provide food and shelter – many attract birds, butterflies and lizards.
  • Certain species of Eucalypt provide food for the local koala population.
  • Native plants can provide a wildlife corridor helping to connect animal and plant populations.

They are beautiful and functional:

  • Many of our plants are unique to Australia, and beautiful whether flowering or not.
  • Native plants are our heritage – we can help preserve them.
  • Native plants are useful – for privacy and screening, rockeries and soil stabilisation.

Planting guides

The planting guides below offer step-by-step advice on garden planning, including sourcing, planting and caring for native plants: