Grow to order

Our grow to order plan is the largest and most comprehensive of its type in South Australia.

In addition to our year-round, available in-store stock we sell plants needing extra care to propagate, required in large quantities or with very particular specifications.

For these special plants State Flora’s grow to order operates on two cycles a year:
  • orders placed before December are ready for planting in autumn
  • orders placed before February are ready for planting in spring.

All plants are grown in our Murray Bridge nursery. Plants are generally grown in tubes but for larger projects we can grow in economical Hiko 40 cell trays. Talk to us about your requirements.

Grow to order is perfect for home gardeners who want that very special plant for their garden or for trade buyers and government who need large numbers of quality plants for their project.

To find out more about growing to order, including trade discounts and our attractive prices contact our Murray Bridge Nursery today on (08) 8539 2105 or by email.