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Growing conditions

Three quarters of all State Flora plants are propagated from seed. These are stored under controlled conditions and germinated in a modern greenhouse. We use a range of techniques to assist the germination process including temperature and humidity control.

We have the capacity to germinate and grow a huge volume of plants. One small seed germination bed (50 x 50cm) can yield about 5,000 seedlings.

Most of our other plants are propagated from cuttings. They are struck under controlled conditions with bottom heat, air conditioning and automated misting systems. Surrounding the growing areas are three hectares of stock plants from which we source our cuttings.

Once the seedlings and cuttings are potted they are placed in an environmentally controlled greenhouse, then shifted to a shadehouse where they are slowly hardened to full sunlight. This gradual hardening and exposure creates a hardy plant better adapted for planting, whether in the garden or the paddock.

Tube stock

Most of our plants are grown as ‘tube stock’. The pots are tapered with a 50mm diameter and are 125mm deep. They have root trainers that create a robust well-structured root system.

There are two tube colours – black and green. Black tubes contain species propagated from seed. The green tubes contain harder to propagate species and those propagated from cuttings.

Rocket pot

Most of our trees are grown in a 'rocket pot'. This helps to develop a fresh fibrous root system and eliminate root spiraling, allowing the tree to establish quickly when planted. To reduce waste trees are decanted on sale, the pots are sterilised and then reused.

Large-scale projects

State Flora also specialises in growing plants for large revegetation, biodiversity or forestry projects