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Planning an Australian garden

There is no limit to the design possibilities for an Australian garden. There is huge variety of native plants to choose from when planning your garden. Their versatility means you can have a stunning garden no matter what landscaping style you choose.

State Flora staff can help you select the right plants for your garden – such as striking ground-covers, low shrubs, sedges and grasses, flowering trailing plants, or bird-attracting shrubs and screening trees.

Native plants can be incorporated into your garden the same way as exotic plants. They are suited to all landscaping styles, such as:

Natural cottage garden

These gardens are relaxed and flowing and a wonderful place for local wildlife. A natural cottage garden is easy to achieve with native plants. With careful species selection you can create a colourful garden all year-round.

Formal garden

This style emphasises structure and balance to give a simple, uncluttered feel. Native plants can be grown into clipped hedges or shapes; sedges and grasses can be used in mass plantings to accent borders.

Family garden

In successful family gardens areas are zoned to encourage children’s creative freedom. Native plants with interesting textures and vibrant colours can create nooks and crannies ripe for exploration.

Contemporary garden

Contemporary gardens feature bold modern designs with an emphasis on contrasts of colour, texture and form. Many native plants offer excellent colour and texture for these designs.

Planting guides

The planting guides below offer step-by-step advice on garden planning, including sourcing, planting and caring for native plants: