Belair nursery will be closed Monday 1 July 2024 due to a power outage as notified by SA power networks, this has no effect on the Murray Bridge nursery.

The Belair site will be reopening as usual on Tuesday 2 July 2024.

How we grow

At State Flora we’ve got room to grow. We have three hectares of nursery beds, two glass houses, two environmentally controlled greenhouses and two large shade houses. This – along with our modern production line facilities – gives us a huge propagation capacity.

Plants are propagated using our own PH balanced potting mix. It contains nutrients, soil wetter, slow-release fertilisers, and trace elements. It is constantly refined to get maximum nutritional value for our plants.

State Flora is an accredited member of the Nursery & Garden Industry of SA, so you can be sure that any plants you buy from us are grown to consistent high quality standards.

Our growing cycle is variable with fresh plants available every spring and autumn. Any plants grown to order are ready for delivery at this time.