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Feature trees
State Flora staff like to say that you plant a native tree for 365 days of beauty. There is something to admire in every season: the unique colour and shape of foliage; the many colours and forms of bark; the contrast, shape and flowers.
Last updated: 08/09/2014

A couple of my favourite South Australian trees
One of my favourite Eucalypts is the Eucalyptus leptophylla commonly known as the narrow-leaved red mallee.
Last updated: 20/10/2014

Australia’s much loved red gums
Eucalyptus camaldulensis, commonly called red gum, must be one of the best known trees in the Australian landscape.
Last updated: 06/04/2015

South Australian blue gum
One of my favourite trees is Eucalyptus leucoxylon ssp leucoxylon, commonly called the South Australian blue gum.
Last updated: 09/03/2015

Trees and shrubs
South Australian trees and shrubs come in all shapes and sizes
Last updated: 08/09/2014

Growing conditions
hree quarters of all State Flora plants are propagated from seed. These are stored under controlled conditions and germinated in a modern greenhouse.
Last updated: 08/09/2014

Southern cypress pine
Callitris gracilis has a host of common names, it is a native pine that occurs in most states of Australia.
Last updated: 23/03/2015

Myoporum platycarpum
Myoporum platycarpum has many attributes and should be widely considered for further planting in our dryer areas.
Last updated: 26/01/2015

What we grow
We specialise in South Australian species and grow a wide range of plants suitable for our state's climate.
Last updated: 08/09/2014

The State Flora Nursery Catalogue lists over 1,000 Australian native plants.
Last updated: 03/01/2018

Displaying 1 - 10 of 16 results

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