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Planting Australian natives in spring

Spring is just a great time to be planting Australian native plants. Autumn is optimal after opening rains but with careful planning and aftercare, spring planting can reap great rewards. After winter rain, spring offers the opportunity to give your plants a good start. Plants will appreciate the warmer soil temperatures to get their root systems established quickly.

There are a few hints that take a little bit of effort but it relies on careful planning as the starting point. Our tips include:

  • Take the time to select the most suitable plants for your purpose, location and need.
  • Observe how much sun the garden receives. Check the soil type, is it a sandy or a clay based soil?
  • Is frost a consideration? If so select frost hardy plants and this is where spring planting is a bonus as it allows plants to be established prior to the frosty autumn/winter months the following year.
  • Everyone is water conscious! Select plants that have a good chance of succeeding in your area. State Flora’s catalogue details a guide as to what annual rainfall plants need to subsist.
  • Find out how high and wide the plants are likely to be at maturity. This will dictate where to site and space the plants. However don’t be regimented. Check the local flora. Many plants do well as companions. A shrub or groundcover plant will prosper quite close to a larger specimen and this adds to a more natural landscape feel and effect.

Once you have done your research, then basic planting principles apply.