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A Grevillea for every garden

Grevilleas have been a favourite with South Australian gardeners for many years. There are over 250 different species and a countless number of cultivars and hybrids because Grevilleas are promiscuous plants. Different species can hybridise when the pollen is distributed by native birds who frequently feed on the nectar from the flowers.

The following are three very hardy cultivars.

  • Grevillea `Red Wings’ is a form of Grevillea thelemanniana growing up to 1 metre high with a spread of 1.5 metres. The finally divided dark green foliage is attractive with masses of red spider flowers from mid winter to the end of spring. Plant it for show or for a low hedge or border plant. It doesn’t need much water nor is it too fussy about the soil type.
  • Grevillea `Apricot Glow’ is a form of Grevillea olivaceae and is a big robust shrub 1.5-2 metres high with a similar spread. Apricot spider flowers in winter and right through spring will attract the honeyeaters. Makes a great hedge or screen and responds well to pruning and will tolerate slightly alkaline soils.
  • Grevillea `Ellendale Dragon’ is a form of Grevillea fililoba growing 1-1.5 metres high and wide. Large red spider flowers appear for up to six months of the year which are pendulous and appear on the ends of the arching grey foliaged branches. Being very attractive and hardy it comes highly recommended.