The State Flora Nursery Catalogue lists over 1,000 Australian native plants. It can help you choose plants best suited for your environment.

The catalogue groups plants by type: trees, shrubs, bulbs, etc. We include important information such as how large the plant will grow, what type of soil it prefers and its flowering seasons.

The catalogue is easy to use and details general growing characteristics such as the regions of South Australia to which each species is indigenous and the conservation status of each species.

State Flora does propagate other species not included in the catalogue. If the plants you need are not listed contact either of our nurseries as we may stock them or be able to grow them for you. 

Our prices are very competitive, starting from $3.95 and all the money you spend at State Flora is reinvested in the nurseries. 

The State Flora Nursery Catalogue is available to download.

Once you have made your choice, there are several ways you can place your order with us. Don’t forget, if you need any further advice just give us a call.

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